A Black Ariel is a New Wave of Magic

Just made it back from seeing Halle Bailey as the Little Mermaid! I was so happy a few weeks ago when Megan became interested and excited to see the movie. She was particularly amazed because Halle looks like us and has the voice of Angel.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, what’s most important is how the children feel about it. My daughter said it was very good. I asked how many stars out of 5, she said 4 out of 5. When Halle first got her legs and her Locs were covering some of her face, I turned to my daughter and said “Isn’t she just perfect.”

Halle was so adorable and magical in every way.

All of the songs were performed beautifully. Even Prince Eric was impressive. And I said it like that because I don’t usually like when characters sing, but of course I knew this was about singing. The animals danced, sang and did their thang as well. LOL.
I also liked Prince Eric’s mom a whole lot! I love the warmness she brought to her role. Ariel’s sisters had small roles but they were also fantastic and memorable.
Phenomenal casting all around.

The graphics and special effects were also wonderful. During some of the previews it seemed like the setting would be gloomy and washed out. However, it wasn’t like that. Under the Sea was blue, lively and bright. Those turtles were especially too too cute. Everything blended well.

King Triton was amazing! He had so much chemistry with Ariel. The Little Mermaid is a fairy tale, and so, having live people use those animated voices and facial expressions can be tricky but it all worked amazingly.

And wow, from the second I saw Ursula during the previews, she had me in chills. Absolutely brilliant!! And who was the lady playing Ursula’s disguise? She was scary. But, I couldn’t love Melissa McCarthy anymore as Ursula. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant.

And now back to our epic Ariel.
More to come.

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