A Dashing Christmas Roblox House

I have to double check to find her exact age, but a few years ago Megan built and designed a Christmas house in Roblox. How awesome, creative and charming.
This tour video moves really fast, but the decorations are so delightful so just press pause or rewind if you need to. You may even get some ideas for your home decorations.

Imagine a house where every room has Christmas decorations, and all the extended family and friends are welcome to spend time in. What a joy, what magic from Megan’s mind.

Christmas Roblox House Festive Features

*Spiral wire tree with white lights
*Red and green carpet
*A Christmas tree and red and green lights in the laundry room
*The kitchen has a string of red and green lights, festive rugs, and trees
*Stockings above the fireplace; and a main large Christmas tree with presents
*Gorgeous garlands
*The guest bedroom for kids has holiday lights, Christmas colored rugs, and trees
*Even the bathroom has a Christmas tree
*Looks like the staircase garland is Thanksgiving themed, and that’s just perfect as well
*At the end of the tour you can see a table set up for a warm family gathering

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