Artsy Autumn Season: A Timeless Time-lapse Drawing

A Variety of Autumn Season Art-Art Comes in Many Forms

Megan drew this enchanting Autumn and Halloween themed picture at age 5. She drew it at school, in Kindergarten. Here’s a list of the elaborate details from this distinctive and imaginative drawing:
*A pot or mega tea cup with chocolate and marsh mellows on top
*The pot itself is a canvas, because one side shows a pie baking, and the other side shows a black cat on a pumpkin
*A Halloween pumpkin
*A window showing that it’s daylight with blue skies outside
*Checkerboard table cover
And finally, the brown mama holding a pumpkin or apple pie while wearing blue and white checkered mittens

Autumn Season
-The pie in her artwork looks so delicious. So a few years after she drew this, we had a Apple Pie & Movie night & I wanted to imitate her amazing drawing so I held up the apple pie in front of her artwork. lol

When Megan was very little, she and her cousins raked these leaves into this super cutesy spiral work of art:

“Ease on Down the Road” in grandma and grandpa’s backyard.

During our first Autumn in our new home, we loved decorating the patio and Megan arranged the Autumn stickers on our back door. (Age 9)

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