Autumn Holiday Heart: Megan’s 1st Thanksgiving

This post was originally written in 2011, when Megan was 8-months old. It was in honor of her first Thanksgiving.


What I am most thankful for, is the divine gift that God placed in my womb last year. Little Megan has made our lives so much richer and so much more meaningful.

When Megan was a few months old, she would start kicking fiercely while getting her diaper changed. She’d kick whoever was changing her, and enjoy it. So I made up this silly little fast-paced song calling her a New York City Rockette. She loved when I would sing it. My mom & sister thought the song was cute. My dad and husband thought otherwise (men!) 🙂 🙂

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a must-see, Thanksgiving morning tradition for me. These are some TV photos of the New York City Rockettes performing during Meg’s first Thanksgiving.

Autumn Holiday
Autumn Holiday, Christmas season

We headed to my parent’s house. Meg loves being around other children. So though she was very sleepy, she really became Laila Ali and fought and beat sleep, so we just had to let her play until she napped.

She started napping so I wasn’t able to take her to my other visits. I had planned on taking her to see a very near & dear family friend, Mrs. S. When I was pregnant I looked forward to Mrs. S attending our baby shower and then meeting Meg. A few weeks before my shower Mrs. S had a brain aneurysm and then later had to have brain surgery. It had been a very traumatic time for her, her family, and others who know and love her.

I was always to afraid to visit her because I felt that I would not be able to handle seeing her in such a debilitating condition. I had heard that she was improving and knew it was time. I’m so thankful to be able to say that Mrs S is doing excellent & is making tremendous progress. I showed her pictures of Megan, and I look forward to her being able to meet Meg. I am elated that she was laughing, talking, joking, & speaking and comprehending on an excellent level, nearly on the same level as everyone else. What an awesome recovery God has allowed her to make.

Kermit stole the show. One of my nieces adores him & brought him over. The rest of us just loved him as well; too cute! He certainly got Meg’s attention and she got to play with him.

Kermit the Frog, Autumn Holiday, Christmas season

At home, we were able to catch some of Charlie Brown. Just like with the Macy’s parade, it really caught Meg’s attention for a few seconds (yea, seconds are long for her) and she was looking at it as if she knew it was new and something she had never seen before.

I’m thankful that it was a great Thanksgiving. It just went by so fast. Meg said she had a great time and is now ready to see what this Christmas thing is all about! :+)

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