Drawing with Color: Half Flower Girl, Half Fighter Girl

Drawing with Color half flower girl, half fighter girl was drawn by Megan at age 6 (2017). Notice the amazing detail and distinction between the two sides of this character. On the flower girl side, her hair is a variety of vivid colors. On the fighter side, her hair is one color-sort of a burnt orange. Her eye color, cheeks and clothing all differ between the two sides. Most principally as it relates to the title, the character is holding a flower in one hand and a weapon in the other.

Fashion girl art character drawn by my daughter, at age 6, in 2017

Materials: markers, ink pen and paper
Pink and yellow torn background paper: Digitally added by Megan’s Mom, 2021, and used with commercial license
Title: Split
This character is a flower girl on one side, and a fighter girl on the other side

Drawing with Color

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