Fall Festival Fun: More Pumpkin Ideas

Originally written in 2016
This is part 2 of our list of 14 Pumpkin Activity Ideas; from pumpkin patches, to pumpkin movies, pumpkin decorating and fall festival fun.
For Part 1 of these pumpkin activity ideas: Virtual Pumpkin Patch is located here.

8. Have a pumpkin patch photo shoot or simply, be sure to take photos of your little pumpkin amongst the other pumpkins. (I don’t think anyone will forget to take pictures of their kids, lol)

fall festival

8-B) Take other creative pumpkin photos

I thought it would be unique to get small orange pumpkins in the same shot as these bright yellow mums.

8-C)Be sure to capture photos of your pretty, precious pets with the pumpkins

Our rambunctious pet Blu.

9) Have a Chocolate Kisses & Pumpkin Decoration Day

After enjoying blueberries in the backyard, set up a day outside where you can enjoy chocolate while decorating your pumpkins.

10) Go to as many Fall Festivals as you can!

I love outdoor events; and Fall Festivals fall right into that category. :+)

fall festival fun
Fall Festival Fun

11) Fill your home with relaxing pumpkin aroma or other Autumn fragrances

12) Create a pumpkin display

(Hmmm, I can’t find the photo).
I set up Megan’s pumpkins outside of her bedroom. This is a cute way of bringing the outdoors inside.

13) Go on a hayride. 

Riding through the woods…

Here’s Megan on our hayride through the woods. This was for a kid-friendly Halloween bash. (I am no fan of scary Halloween activities, etc)
We had a hayride and a boat ride through the delta to see alligators. Yes we saw a baby one. They are sweet and precious creatures.

14) Plant a pumpkin seed & watch it grow!

At the pumpkin patch, the kids planted pumpkin seeds in small, plastic containers. When we came home, we put the seed in a larger container (Yummy Luigi’s Ice,lol), watered it for a few days and made sure it had plenty of sunshine, but still had no idea if it would grow. Well look at this pumpkin sprout!!

WATCH ME GROW!!!!! Our very own pumpkin sprout!

The pumpkin sprout outgrew the container. We replanted everything into the ground and it was doing okay; until a huge freeze came and that was the end. But now that I understand the basics of gardening, we will try again someday soon.

Bonus: Watch a pumpkin TV show…in a Pumpkin Patch!

How lucky were we!? Megan and I had a chance to watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” while sitting in a pumpkin patch! It was such a lovely, awesome time. At first, I didn’t think she would want to sit through the show, because she just loves to move around so much and stay busy.

But after we finished our popcorn, (well, she finished hers first and told me she beat me at eating popcorn the fastest), she sat in my lap, put her little arm around me & truly enjoyed the show! She was laughing and even clapped at the end. 

What a beautiful night that was; and what a beautiful life Megan has given me and my husband.

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