How to Capture Every Breeze: A Place for Spring Queens

A Place for Spring Queens

Meg and I love being out and about, enjoying the weather whenever it’s enjoyable because good weather is becoming more and more rare. We love nature and animals, talking, baking and so on. No matter how basic an every day activity seems, they really become special and significant when we reflect on how fast our children grow up.
So along with some Spring 2023 photos, I just picked a random year from my storage photos to post as examples of how my daughter and I are Spring Queens.

2016. First Grade. We are always talking! So I think that on the way home from school, I was telling her how fun it used to be to go through a car wash as a kid. So she’s in the backseat while I’m the car wash 🤣🤣

Awwwwwww! Blu sleeps anywhere!

When she was little, I had to keep some type of paper and pen/pencil because if there was any wait time, she would ask to draw. As you can see here, she drew on an envelope. Yes I used to have notepads, but that wasn’t the case all the time.

I look forward to sharing so many more of our memories!

Spring 2023 Garden Show

We went to a beach wedding, and saw dolphins swimming near! It was extremely exciting though we could only get a far away view of their fins. I didn’t realize that dolphins swim so close to the shore. I have a video but trouble editing out the sound.

Here are 4 Ways to Honor Mother Nature and
Capture the Spring Breeze with Our Watercolor Art

  1. Decorate your home: The prints can be framed and hung on walls to add a pop of color and a touch of spring to any room in the house.
  2. Gift to friends and family: Give the prints as a gift to loved ones, spreading the joy of spring and art.
  3. Create a themed gallery wall: Collect multiple spring watercolor art prints and create a gallery wall to showcase your collection and add personality to your living space.
  4. Start a collection: Start a collection of our art prints and have a variety of seasonal and themed pieces to display throughout the year.
A Combination of Graphic Design and AI Blending by Megan’sMom
Pencil Sketch by M.Chantel Art. Age 10 (2021)
“Isabella: Serene in Spring” Represents the Perfect Spring Day

Your Gift Guide: Types of People Who Will Cherish Our Spring Wall Art

Do you have someone in your life who:
+Loves art
+Enjoys interior design
+Loves nature, the outdoors, Spring, Summer, flowers
+Is a gardener
+Just got their own place and needs help making it feel like their home
+Is expecting a child and needs nursery décor
+Has a children’s play room
+Is headed off to college

Our colorful and whimsical Spring art is also great for those who could simply use a little cheering up, and a reminder that someone cares and is thinking of them, such as:

+Students who need inspiration
+Professionals who can use extra cheer in their offices
+People who can’t enjoy the outdoors as much as they used to

More Watercolor Cottage Garden Art (Coming soon)

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