How to Draw Tears: A Tutorial to Treasure

Megan is such a great teacher. And she’s patient too. She does a phenomenal job at demonstrating techniques that come naturally to her.
This high-quality, “How to Draw Tears” tutorial is over 4 minutes long.
In order to prepare, here are some terms that are used; and thus you might want to familiarize yourself with these phrases and action steps:
(IBIS Paint)

  • Use dip pen (hard)
  • Dynamic
  • Adjust thickness and opacity as demonstrated in the video
  • Once you click on a shape, you will drag it to the whitest area of the eye
  • Be prepared to swipe fast across the eye during brush strokes
  • Press settings and reset
  • Then draw circles where the “cone-shaped” tears are
  • (Tip) Make your maximum thickness higher than 30 pixels
  • Repeat certain steps
  • Now, make the tears fall
  • Settings and reset
  • Now draw circles on the tears
  • Use eraser and then dip pen (soft) to erase through some of the tears
    (This is Megan’s Mom typing and I think that is my favorite part). Too cool!
  • As you approach the end of this thorough tutorial, expect to add a new layer
  • Lower the opacity, draw inside the tears
  • Add semi-transparent circles inside of the tears
“And now you are done with your tears!”

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