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“A penny is a chocolate coin.” -Megan, Age 3

M. Chantel is 11 years-old and has been creating distinguished art and designs since age 3.

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lady drawing

Title: Zuri
Story: In 2020, due to COVID school closures, we were working on a homeschool lesson. I don’t follow one curriculum, so many times, we use discussions/conversations as the method to learning from each other. We were talking about a range of topics related to languages and cultures.

-Including, “Zuri” being a Swahili word for “beautiful.”

My Facebook page at the time was titled Zuri Black Art, and I had posted pictures of beautiful indigenous women in parts of Africa.
I showed her the page and we scrolled and talked about the jewelry these women handmade, using the Earth’s natural resources. (We occasionally refer to the Periodic Table of Elements.)

A few weeks later, I was checking my phone and looking at some of her drawings from the IBIS Paint App. And that is when I discovered her Zuri drawing. I asked her about it and she explained to me where she got her inspiration from-that day we went by my Facebook page. She very often shares her work when she’s done. But, Zuri is one of the first times where I had scrolled upon one of her completed works that was just sitting on the phone, not shared with her parents yet.
I was like “Girl, why didn’t you show this to me when you were done!?” Lol.

Age Created: 9
Year Created: 2020
Tools: IBIS Paint app
Available Print Size: 12X18
-White background.

T-Shirt Designs Inspired by this Zuri Drawing

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Available prints for Elegant Lady Drawing, Zuri
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lady drawing
T-Shirt gifts with the “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” design coming soon
T-Shirt gifts with the “BeYoutiful” design and “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” design coming soon
T-Shirt gifts with the “BeYoutiful” design coming soon

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