Shalisha and Ariel: Mermazing Art and Ideas

Shalisha the Legendary Mermaid was drawn by Megan when she was 7 years-old. I very recently made a photobook of some of her artwork, which is what you see in the video. My family doesn’t need a toxic system like Hollywood for representation; however, we still look forward to seeing such a beautiful, talented, sweet, amazing young lady like Halle Bailey cast as the Live Action Ariel!
I’m also elated to see the happiness from all of the precious Black girls and boys out there!


Transcript of the video above; Note: I wasn’t feeling or sounding too well. The transcript is put together from YouTube. It can be a little hard to follow. I’ve just pasted this here for search engine purposes; however, it’s a lot easier for you to just watch the video! :+)

Okay, hello, happy Thursday.

Halle Bailey she is absolutely her voice and everything is absolutely amazing. But beyond amazing, she has

a one in a million voice

0:25 like Whitney Houston who’s one

of my favorites. When I saw the

0:32 teaser trailer I

was like let me just

0:39 go ahead and start paying a little bit

0:41 more attention to

0:43 the movie because at first I was like

0:45 you know

0:46 I never really saw the little mermaid

0:48 when I was um little. uh I think

0:51 we watched it in school and

0:54 um but you know I wasn’t a big fan or

0:56 anything but anyway

1:08 I made a photo book of some of my daughter’s

1:11 drawings. We’re calling

1:14 her business M Chantel art and we’re

1:18 going to be selling we’re going to be

1:21 for a limited time only one

1:24 design

1:28 it’s right here, Zuri.

1:31 This is the artwork that I’ll be talking

1:34 a lot more about that’s what we’re going

1:35 to be offering

1:40 and these are her hands. Say hello Megan.

1:46 These are the beautiful hands

1:49 that drew this artwork.

1:54 briefly speaking of mermaids

2:00 Megan drew this when she was seven

2:03 and she is called Shalisha.

2:07 Shalisha the legendary mermaid. When

2:10 Megan drew her before she started doing the

2:13 digital drawings when she did her pencil

2:16 and paper drawings and things.

2:19 It was always a story behind the

2:22 characters and a story behind

2:25 the artwork and everything so we have

2:28 a whole lot of drawings and everything.

2:33 And she said that Shalisha is legendary

2:37 because she has multiple fins.

2:39 As you can see right there

2:43 absolutely

2:45 phenomenal. Megan is now 11. And so this

2:49 is from when she was seven let’s go back

2:50 to one of her drawings when she was five

2:52 years old. It was also a mermaid

3:01 right here our other mermaid drawing.

3:05 she drew this when she was five years-old.

Megan & Mom’s Mermaid Cove

Ideas to celebrate a beautiful, brown live action Ariel:

Mermaid T-Shirts

More to come!! Galleries, party ideas, art prints, books, coloring pages, gift ideas and more!

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