Take a Tour: Our Cozy Bloxburg House

Megan gives a tour of our home that she built.
Don’t you love our windows😁I can’t wait to move in! ❤

I don’t know about other parents but I used to get confused trying to grasp the difference between Roblox, Robux, Royale High, and Bloxburg.

So, Bloxburg is a part of Roblox. Bloxburg is described as, “a city to explore and build and design your own amazing house, own cool vehicles, hang out with friends, work, roleplay.”
Robux are what you use to purchase upgrades for your avatar or buy special abilities (in Roblox).

Royale High is a dress-up game in Roblox.

Take a Tour of Our Beautiful Home!

The transcript is provided by YouTube.

0:00 is my bloxburg house

0:03 it cost its value is

0:07 17 17 523

0:14 that’s how much money I would say

0:19 here is the outdoors where once I will

0:23upgrade it until I can just sit here for

0:28just like fun and this

0:33is the inside of my house


0:40I was eating breakfast

0:43here is our living room oh my

0:49 here is

0:51 my favorite books Dogman Nova books and

0:55 there’s Dear Dumb Diary books it’s a

1:00 picture of a kitty yes I have a kitty

1:03 addiction

1:05so here is a picture of the kitty



1:14my future my future room one day

1:20here’s the print here’s the prince

1:23here’s here’s my bed here’s another

1:26Kitty picture

1:27here’s your wardrobe here’s a link

1:30here’s a tear waitress the textures or a

1:35comfy um comfortable or whatever here’s

1:38an old computer look at the

1:42still I was just thinking we needed


1:46bathroom modern thingy

1:51of this stuff this is the

1:55it’s a wild type of toilet this is a

1:59modern sink

2:01and this is the trash can of course and

2:03this is uh it has a man it’s a mirror

2:06and it has wax right there


2:11another Kitty poster except for it’s


2:16clock TV which I never even used

2:21here’s the tie up but close up

2:25when you’re when you’re frying you can

2:27probably just forget this picture of a

2:29cute kitty yes

2:32um fridge


2:36counter’s face

2:39and here is

2:4211. it’s a setting one so you can you

2:46don’t have to wait that long

2:50lots and lots of Windows no windows no

2:54Open Door no door windows in the

2:57bathroom because nobody wants to see you

2:59stinky stinky


3:06fabulous that’s that’s pretty much it


3:10lovely thank you so much for giving us

3:14the tour oh listen yeah the outside yeah

3:17yep sorry interior

3:20the outside interior it doesn’t really

3:23look that Fab but except for the front

3:26because of course yes let’s end on that

3:30front one more time love it


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