A Digital Pumpkin Patch of Fall Family Fun

Pumpkin Patch
I put this post into my Vintage category because it was written in 2016.

Megan was 5 years-old, and boy did we have a busy and fantastic Fall season. That’s what it is like when they’re little and they just love everything and want to go everywhere. Being outside, ‘out and about’ is so magical to little kids. Even when you stay home, when they’re little, you can still create some enchanting times with just the simplest of items, and no prep time.
As they get older, the “wows,” and the wondrous looks on their faces will decrease, but you just have to keep paying attention to what excites them, and just go with the flow.

Last year when Megan was 10, I was excited for weeks about her dad and I taking her to a farm’s pumpkin patch and sunflower field. Well, to my dismay she just wasn’t feeling it at all. I was absolutely devastated, but this is what’s called “growing up.” It’s just what happens. They will not be little and in love with everything you do forever.

So since then, I learned to be sure to ask her if she is interested in a particular activity ahead of time. When they are little, they are happy to just go anywhere, but that changes so quickly. Though time as flown, I’m still as elated as ever for every experience.

A Pumpkin Patch Full of 14 Fall Fun Ideas

Alrighty so here you are; enjoy these 14 pumpkin activity ideas; I don’t know how we did all of this in one Fall season, lol, it was great though!

1)Create special pumpkin artwork using your little one’s photo. 

pumpkin patch
Digital Scrapbooking

I created this digital scrapbooking page when she was a baby. This was in 2011. It actually took a lot of skill to create pages like this. Canva and other programs have made the process so incomparably easy, that I can’t even explain how much more difficult it used to be just to create one scrapbooking page! For one, there were no large banks of graphics. You had to know where to find graphics and download them. Usually these graphics came in some type of scrapbooking sets.
Okay, so enough about the ancient times. It’s both amazing and astounding how fast the tech world progresses. So basically, by today’s standards it’s very easy to take your child’s photo, add some graphics and text. People do this on their cell phones these days. I work much much better on my desktop than on a phone.
It’s all about your preference.

2)Pick Out the Perfect Pumpkin

Photo below: Boy, these are some rough looking pumpkins aren’t they? LOL!  Megan and I went to pick out pumpkins, and this is what some of them looked like. I promise, they were so much cuter in person, lol! There’s Megan’s hand touching the pumpkins. She picked out an orange pumpkin; however, it’s always fun to let kids explore and touch pumpkins of different colors, sizes and shapes.

White Pumpkins
Pick me!

3) Display Your Child’s Pumpkin-Themed or Pumpkin-Colored Art Work

4) Have a Pumpkin & Blueberry Backyard Day

Megan had been asking for cupcakes and we just were not easily able to get around to buying her favorite kind of cupcakes, which are from a private bakery and not the stores. She’s pretty picky! Since I already had some Blueberry Muffin Mix & I had been waiting for the weather to cool off so that we could sit in the backyard & enjoy the outdoors; I decided to just put everything together and give it a cute name. 🙂

So we headed to the backyard with balloons (that I already had for my birthday), flowers (that were already sitting in the house), blankets, dolls, pumpkins and the muffins!

Meet “Barbie” & “Miss Black” (In the dress). Megan loves Barbie dolls; and so I have to play Barbie a lot. All of the dolls have names and their own ‘personality’ when we play. The other Barbie dolls include Angela, Rock Star, Crystal Heart and Miss Blue.

5. Bake Pumpkin Goods & Try Other Pumpkin Treats

We baked cupcakes! And Megan super-loves candy corn.

Update: At the time she loved candy corn. These days (as of 2022), she doesn’t remember ever liking it at all, lol.

6) Visit a Pumpkin Patch &

7)Learn about the educational aspects of pumpkins

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