Beautiful Woman Drawing: Pretty in Pink

This time-lapse shows Megan’s drawing of an elegant lady. Her regal and refined status is demonstrated by her pearls, pink evening gown, and gloves. Her pose shows that she’s confident and caring. The warm expression on her face makes me feel like she’s headed to a grandiose gathering, and that I’m invited too.

“I Draw a Black Woman.” This is cute how she labeled this. Meg is a great writer, so I think she was kinda joking around with the title. 🤣👩🏿‍🎨
We talked about how the character has brown skin like us. We talked about how dark skin helps other colors pop and shine. Brown skin gives other colors their life. We can wear such a variety of colors and will always look full of life.

Hopefully Megan will continue to draw more brown characters that look like her and her cousins.

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